friendless1 (friendless1) wrote in ballard,

Debate viewing?

I'm looking for a local debate watching party that my partner and I can crash this Friday. There seem to be quite a few such parties around the Sound, but none in this part of town. If you're leery of inviting strangers into your home, we can supply excellent character references, as well as food or drink.

Of course, we could stay home and listen to the NPR broadcast, but it would be more fun to mingle with other folks, not to mention the benefit of getting the visuals (sweaty upper lips, furtive glances at the wristwatch, mysterious lumps under the jacket, etc.). We would even settle for a debate-friendly bar (creative drinking games a plus).

Any suggestions are welcome. If you prefer, you can reply directly to januarye at gma!l. Thanks!

EDIT: I now know of one Ballard establishment that will be showing the debate: the Stepping Stone.
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