Elsa Lanchester (elsa) wrote in ballard,
Elsa Lanchester

attacks in ballard?

This morning I saw handwritten signs posted around that warned of recent late-night attacks going on in Ballard. Anybody else see these? Does anyone have any details about the attacks?
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Wow, no I haven't noticed. Where in Ballard? I'll keep an eye open for the sign.
I saw the signs on 57th and 17th and Market and 17th.
I'll take a look when I'm out this weekend, I'm not far from there. And neighborhood safety isn't funny.
i actually live on 59th and 17th, so this confuses me greatly.
wow, scary. I'm near 65th & 24th, and I can't say I saw anything near there, nor do I remember seeing anything when I walked down to Archie's and Joann Fabrics last weekend.

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sounds like a good theory; the 7-11 is the only place where I'd ever think anyone even had a chance of being mugged in Ballard.
They're on to me.... :(
I thought I was the only one who always went from "LMAO" to "L(i)MAO" to "Limahl" in my head. *high five* for that one. :)
Totally unrelated to this thread, but I just had to say it, I love your icon!
i saw the signs too. there was one entry in the ballard newspaper (that just came out) of a violent mugging, but it was, i think 90th and greenwood. (i left the paper at work.) now i am nervous too. right by that 7-11 is pretty seedy, though. not far from the fire station though -- which is where i would head if i felt threatened.
I read about the mugging of the elderly woman on the Ballard News Tribune site. It could be that the attacks are happening but not being reported or they're just not published yet. I'd hate to think that the note is bogus.
You are so right about the 7-11. It's a skeeze-hole. I avoid it at night because agitated creepy dudes hang out around it.