friendless1 (friendless1) wrote in ballard,


I'll be visiting my daughter in a remote Alaskan fishing village next week, and she's asked me to get some good-quality (unflavored?) cigars for someone she knows there. (I don't know why he can't just order them by mail. Or is that even legal anymore?) Not wanting to make a special trip downtown to feed someone's tobacco habit, I thought I'd see if anyone knows of a good cigar retailer in/near Ballard. I'll also need help with figuring out what kind of cigars to buy. I realize that's beyond the scope of this LJ community, but any suggestions will be welcome.

EDIT: I did the lazy thing and walked to the nearest smoke shop, where the proprietor/clerk assured me that he was selling me the very best cigars. At least I can be confident that I won't be asked to do this again.
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