In Greenwood This Friday!

Local writers Michael Montoure and Jenna M. Pitman will be hosting a reading at the Wayward Coffee House on Greenwood Ave. in Seattle, WA. Both are well respected members of the Seattle horror community.

They hope to help get you in the Halloween spirit by sharing several of their tales of terror with you. The reading starts at 8 and it is easy to fit into a schedule already filled with plans for parties, clubs, and even ZomBcon!

So take a quick jaunt north a few blocks and come experience some chills by the masters!
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so, question....

i'm a former ballardite that move to cap hill. basically i've fallen in love and want to be in the area, however i got kicked out of my apartment about a month ago and have been couch surfing. now i've propositioned all of my friends to see if i can toss in a couple bucks and do some house work and cook fab meals(as well as getting them drunk upon request) and thus far no one has been into the idea. what i was wondering if any of you are living on the hill or know anyone that's on the hill that would be into having a houseboy for about a month(while i sort some stuff out)? any help would be greatly appreciated. oh, and it would help if their queer friendly.
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Free wifi in Ballard!

What's the best place to get free wifi in Ballard? Consider atmosphere, food and drink, and late hours.

I've been using Mr Spot's, which I like, but sometimes they have terrible live music that's so loud it's actually painful.

Weigh in, my fellow Ballardians.

Sounders FC match in Ballard?

my husband and i would like to watch the Sounders FC away game at a bar on Saturday. so far i know it's showing at the George and Dragon, and at Fado. i live in "downtown Ballard" and i would rather walk to a local bar and spend my dollars there (and maybe meet some soccer-loving neighbors).

anyone know of a place in Ballard that's showing the game, preferably west of 15th, south of 65th?
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I've uploaded a set of the Ballard Street Signs (finally!) here. These are the tiled street signs embedded in sidewalks of 20th and 24th Aves. NW.

Does anyone here know anything about them? I've looked in the community memories, and read back a year or two in posts, but didn't see anything. I've also written to the Ballard Chamber, looked through Historylink.org, and done a couple google searches.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!